I am a retired Medicare Administrator and while I was working my life was too hectic to even think about adding a yoga class to my schedule! Then, I retired, tried yoga and was immediately hooked! I’ve found yoga to be the element that adds both physical and mental strength to my life. I don’t know of any other activity that can both energize and relax you so well…at the same time. 

As I began to explore the various yoga studios in the Boston area, I noticed some real variations in the quality of instruction and as I learned more I began to understand how important it is to do yoga poses correctly.  I committed to learning to teach yoga to enrich my life, the lives of my friends and hopefully your life as well. 

I enjoy running and golf so have focused my yoga on ways to keep provide the facets of exercise that these activities do not and most importantly to gain the strength and balance needed to avoid injury. 

I completed my RYT 200 Training with Shaun Corneilson and Richard Lanza at the Open Doors Studio in Weymouth, MA in 2015. Since then I have taught privately. My goal is for your yoga experience to be one that adds flexibility, strength and balance to your life, all while having fun!.