I practice yoga for the connect with my true self and experience love and gratitude thru my physical being . I cannot wait to get on my mat and be amazed by what I am is able to do when mind, body and soul connect. I enjoy learning from from and thru the practice of yoga. 

Heather teaches so that she can help others to experience true connection to self , to teach that we are so much more than our thoughts , that we have so much more to give. 

Heather wants to teach to make a difference in peoples lives and give them the gift of their self and most importantly self acceptance. 

In Heather’s class you will experience grounding with a splash of not taken “yourself” so seriously. You will learn how to connect to your prana yana( breath) to sooth your mind and cleanse your soul. 

Heather sees herself as a forever student. She hopes to build on her yoga education by taking annual workshops and training courses. Heather is still in the process of getting her business degree. She also is currently the General Manager of DeRomo’s Italian Restaurant in Bonita Springs.  

Heather is 200hr certification and 300hr certification from Bala Vinyasa and Greenmonkey 

  • Gentle Yoga Sequence ( JIC ) :)
  • Restorative Yoga 
  • MiniYogi ( Kids )
  • Hatha 1 & 2